Momodora – Reverie Under the Moonlight

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Reverie Under the Moonlight is the fourth entry to the Momodora series. Not familiar with the series? Well, neither was I. Which is a shame to say, if the other entries are anything like this one, it’ll be worth looking back.


You take control of Kaho, a High Priestess from a foreign land who is looking to cure her home from a widespread curse. Armed with nothing but a maple leaf and a bow, she seeks to meet with the Queen of the land to find a cure and bring peace back to the people.


Tomb Raider

I remember a specific memory from when I was eleven. I had saved all of my money for some months until I finally had enough to purchase myself a brand new Playstation. The game I decided to buy with it? The original Tomb Raider.

TombRaider 2013-03-07 22-31-49-031


I was very pleased with my purchase. The game had everything I had wanted from a game from the next generation of consoles. It had beautiful 3D graphics. It had action. It had adventure. I was completely taken with the game and happily kept up with the series until it’s forth title. Things got a little shaky from there, and it wouldn’t be until another seven years until the series was brought back to a new glory.


The Darkness II


You gotta give a hand to Jackie Estacado. After going on a murderous rampage through New York to avenge the death of his girlfriend Jenny with the help of his birthright powers known as The Darkness, he manages to take over the Mafia family and subdue his powers from taking control of him. That is, until a few years later when a slight massacre at a restaurant causes Jackie to call back his Darkness powers to save himself from death and solve the ordeal.