Playstation Vita Release Packages

PS Vita Promotional Image


If you are looking to get a Vita on or before it’s official release date of February 22nd, there are going to be a few bundles available.

The standard set will include the Vita system equipped only with WiFi functionality for $249.99.

The next bump up will sell for $299.99. Normally this would include only the system with an added 3G mode, but on launch selected retailers will offer the aptly named ‘Launch Bundle’ that includes a free 8GB memory card, a PSN game and a free month trial of the AT&T 250MB 3G DataConnect service.

Finally, select retailers will offer the ‘First Edition Bundle’. With this set you will receive a limited edition case, a 4GB memory card, a free PSN game, a copy of Little Deviants, the DataConnect pass and as an added bonus, you will receive the bundle a week before street date (February 15th).

I will personally go with the $299.99 bundle unless I suddenly decide I cannot wait the extra week until the official release date. The 8GB memory card is a lot more appetizing than the 4GB that is offered with the First Edition Bundle, and Little Deviants doesn’t look too exciting.

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