UnPopular PodCast – Episode 9

To The Moon? Not quite. Failure to launch due to two member not playing the game.

Instead we talk about current news such as the FaceBook harassment, MicroSoft’s purchase of Gear of War, Monster Hunter 4, Lightning Returns, Metal Gear Solid (Recurring theme, I’ve come to notice), and the sort.

Tune in next week! People may/may not read the outline!


UnPopular PodCast – Episode 8

Hey, and we are back.

This week we talk about Nintendo’s financial troubles, MicroSoft’s Pay-to-Praise, Resident Evil 4 HD for PC, Yasumi Matsuno’s kickstarter and 3DS game that I completely missed, among other things!

We also breifly discuss Ballpoint Universe. Our next discussion game is going to be To The Moon, so be ready for next week!

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 7

We are back again. You know you love us!

We come, we chat, we cry.

SimCity gets an offline patch, I bought an Ouya, China unbans console sales, and we play Metal Gear Rising for the PC!

Other stuff is talked about. I insult everyone. Good times for all!


UnPopular PodCast – Episode 6

It’s been a bit, but we are back!


Want to hear our Games of the Year? Well, give this episode a listen!


We also cover topics from over the past two weeks, as well as what we have been playing.


Happy Holidays!

We did a podcast this week, but there were several missing co-hosts, and the result was pretty miserable. We will call OG Episode 6 a failure and keep it in our archives of what not to do in a podcast, and go on with 6.5 next week.

For those of you who watched it live, I am sorry.

UnPopular PodCast – Episode 5

And we are back yet again for another episode of The UnPopular PodCast!

We read off our Top 10 Games lists, talk about the YouTube Content ID issue, mention Fallout 4 and discuss what we are playing.

Watch/listen as I mispronounce PodCast and say the wrong episode number, and see Chris improperly run a laptop!

We also break into Disney songs. We are manly like that.

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 4

We are back this week, minus Mike.


This week, we kind of tackle some of the latest trailers for The Game of Thrones (TellTale Games), Tales from the Borderlands, No Man’s Sky, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.

We also discuss King Arthur’s Gold, Steamworld Dig, Cory’s Creepy Closet, Kirby, Donkey Kong Country Return Tropical Freeze, amongst other things.

Remember, you can contact us via Twitter (@UnPopularGaming) and the FaceBooks (facebook.com/unpopulargaming) or on our awesome YouTube Channel! Send us questions that we can discuss on the show!




UnPopular PodCast – Episode 3

We can’t stop, won’t stop until the deed is done!


This week we discuss our Black Friday spending, OCZ filing bankruptcy, Neverland shutting down, Altas having free reign over dormant Sega titles, Nosgoth, Papers Please and various other things.

We also get attacked by cats!


UnPopular PodCast – Episode 2

And we are back for another week of UnPopular PodCast! You can get your fill via YouTube or through the handy PodCast player.


UnPopular PodCast!

We have finally got around to making the first episode of The Unpopular PodCast!

This episode is pretty much a test run. It’s a bit janky but we will learn and expand in our abilities.

UnPopular PodCast Episode 1 – Quad Damage

We cover the latest Nintendo Direct, the Playstation 4 first hands-on impressions, and a few other items.