UnPopular PodCast – Episode 19

MicroSoft announces their Kinectless SKU going on sale for $400. Also on the MicroSoft line, they announce that NetFlix and other media apps no longer require Gold memberships to utilize.

We also venture a bit into the homosexual discrimination in the gaming world with the topics of The Sims 4 and Tomodachi Life.

I’d also like to correct myself, the Xbox One has been able to go Kinectless for some time now, I was meaning to say that they are selling it without the Kinect. I jumble my words sometimes and I apologize.

Also in this episode, a bunch of kickstarter games, a new Unreal Tournament, Titanfall DLC and some ‘what we’ve been playing’.

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 18

Paul (@paulhartling) joins us as we talk about Child of Light, Beyond: Two Souls, Star Wars, Konami, Mario Golf: World Tour and some more stuff!

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 17

Hey there, we are back!


After a nice vacation to the west coast and a move, we get back together and talk some games.

Xbox One isn’t doing the best, MicroSoft made a documentary about E.T. for the Atari and dug up the landfill it was rumoured to be buried in, Mike plays Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Square Enix RPGs and much more!


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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 16

After a week break, the group gathers back together to talk about a few things in the gaming world.

Assssin’s Creed leak?! Steam and the revived OnLive, PS4 system tweaks, PS Vita firmware update, Final Fantasy XIV patch, some VR talk, DX12 announcement, Konami’s staff leaves for new company, and more!

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 15

Just a heads up, this episode is pretty awful. I’d actually recommend you skip it. If you want to listen to me sound like an idiot for about two hours, go ahead and give it a listen. You’ve been warned.

This week we talk about Jack Tretton Stepping down from SCEA, German censorship, some upcoming games and what we have been playing.

There is a lot of off topic ranting and a lot of talk about Digimon, for some reason. I do apologize in advance, and I will not let this happen again.

Tune in next week for a much better episode!

UnPopular PodCast – Episode 14

The gang groups together to discuss some hot topics including 3D Realms, the EU changing Free to Play rules, Sony Santa Monica layoffs, everyone’s best friend Peter Molyneux and much, much more!

Our ‘been playing’ include The Last of Us Left Behind, South Park – The Stick of Truth, Bravely Default, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs and others.

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 13

This week!

Gearbox sues 3D Realms?! Donkey Kong Country returns… again? Irrational Closes! GoG changes their pricing policy,

Also, a lot more! We celebrate Sony’s two year anniverasy of releasing the Vita, and the Japanese launch of the PS4. We talk current and upcoming games such as Strider and Rome 2: Total War DLC.

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 12

We talk about headsets, licensing laws, Final Fantasy Type 0, the Slim Vita, PC based game clients, Nintendo Direct, that cool prof Layton, and other cool stuff.

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UnPopular PodCast – Episode 11

We developed a structure! We are in the middle of ‘tried’ in ‘tried and true’, but we are evolving nonetheless.

Metal Gear Ground Zeroes?! Mamoru Samuragochi scandal! The internet’s favourite Sonic fanfic, Sonic Boom!

Free to Play nonsense is talked about a bit.

We also discuss other recent news and games, discuss our personal plays and have fun in general.

Also, Matt gets told off by his mother. She’s our favourite guest appearance.


UnPopular PodCast – Episode 10

Double digits!

Guest appearance by Mike’s brother, Matt. Kind of.

We discuss Nintendo, and what they are up to. We get into a little more ‘To the Moon’ and the rumored Microsoft leaks.

Next Gen Accessories! Copyrighting common words for the good of… ! UbiSoft gets played and fights for their name back! All this, and more!

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